Friday, December 30, 2011

Our New Years Eve

So this New Years Eve we are hosting, but we are hosting at a local restaurant that has activities for kids in addition to the adults.  They make it a big deal for the kids and do an early count down.  We've done it before and the kids love it!  We're then home in time for the real count down and also get to ring in the New Year with our beloved pup Cody.  : )


I can't help but want to do something crafty so I'm putting together goody packages for each of our guests.  The kids are getting containers filled with noise makers (one of them I made myself), sparklers, quarters and chocolate. Topped with a tiara or party hat (for my son). And the adults are getting a bag filled with champagne, fresh Florida oranges, vodka and bloody mary mix (for next morning mimosas and bloody mary's), noise makers, sparklers (bright days), chocolates (sweet things), lotto tickets (prosperity), a family picture (happiness) and apples (health).  We are wishing each of them the sweetest and brightest 2012, full of happiness, health and prosperity.  I'm of course writing each of them a note explaining what each item means and telling them how special they are to me (my hubby and kids get one also).

When I saw Kori's (Paper & Pigtails) free New Years Eve printables, I loved them and knew I needed to use them and I love the way they look!  I'm not completely done, but here are some pictures of ones I've completed.  I will post more later!  Enjoy!

Tiara Containers for the Girls

Adult Goody Bags using Paper & Pigtails Printables

Sparklers & Chocolate

Sparkers decorated with bells & Paper & Pigtails Tags

Chocolate covered with Paper & Pigtails Printables
(I just printed the tags on label sheets and cut and covered)

My DIY noise maker & Tiara from Michaels

Items I used to make bell noise maker - all from Michaels
Happy New Year!!!! I'm so grateful for you all stopping by! : )


  1. Looks like you'll have a great time!! Love the goodie bags!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Visiting from DiD - very cute and very festive - I love your idea for the noisemakers - I'd love to make them for my kids - but then I'd regret it - haha!

  3. Thank you ladies!!! Happy Happy New Year! : )

  4. such a nice idea to upcycle old christmas ornaments as noisemakers. im definitely going to have to try this!

  5. How did you make the bell noise maker?

  6. do you have instructions on how to make the bell noise maker?