Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

So I've decided to do a "Tuesday's Tips" post on Facebook every Tuesday, but as I was looking for ideas to share this quickly became a blog post.  As we are going into the new year soon, I think everyone of us thinks more about how to improve in all areas.  I liked the idea of sharing a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle tip.  Here are some great ideas for reusing items you might already have.

This one is my favorite! It's actually so simple, but it hadn't occurred to me. Have you seen or even does this?  This is a crib that has been turned into a bench.  Love it!  I am currently working on decorating and organizing my kid's playroom and was going to purchase a bench, but now I'm loving this idea! Many cribs now convert into toddler beds and so you may not need to do much.  ADimondinthestuff.blogspot.com shows a tutorial on how this beautiful bench was made.  Check it out...

From Crib to Bench

Another favorite...I absolutely LOVE this...a DIY play kitchen.  We all know how expensive play kitchens can be...why not make one?  This was done and posted on Miranda Walker's blog and it's divine! Enjoy!

Old TV stand into New Play Kitchen

Baking sheets don't last forever, right? :)  Well, maybe some??? If you have an old baking sheet pan that you want to discard, maybe try this out first... Tutorial shown on Crate Paper Blog.

Baking Sheet into Magnetic Display Board

I always save the plastic bags from Publix (our local grocery store) and we have a ton under our sink.  What a great way to store the bags.  This tutorial can be found on the Tatertots & Jello site. You could do a few of these and keep a container in the car and bring the bag to your local grocery store as another reuse. : ) PS the tutorial shows Clorox Wipe containers, but I'm going to use the puffs containers.  My kiddies love puffs : )

Wipes Container into Bag Holder

This one might come in handy soon! Use egg cartons to store ornaments! 

Egg Carton into Ornament Storage - Via Re-Nest




  1. wow, I LOVE all of these creative ideas! Very cool.

  2. Those are very stylish ideas!

    I developed a method to reuse / recycle both a 105 count Clorox Wipes container in addition to a 32oz Dannon Yogurt container. This technique creates a sub-irrigated planter / pot. I’ve been testing this with good success: