Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girly Girl

In general I'm a so blessed to have my little ones! But, I'm also so grateful to have one of each so I get to do the ruffles and lace, as well as the rough and tough good stuff! : )  But isn't it something how flippin cute girl stuff is? I found some cute things I wanted to share...

These leg warmers from Summer Inspirations are too cute!

Summer Inspirations

This apron from Anthropologie are just adorable! Perfect for keeping the jam off of the clothing when making PB&J's!
Apron Anthropologie

Little Ms. Dior! So chic!
Baby Dior Via Bergdorf

Love a little Lilly - Lilly Pulitzer that is...Darling!

Lilly Pulitzer Kids Via Zappos

Being a mom = being a stylist...for now anyway : )


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