Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picky Eaters - here's what I do...

"Mommy, take the skin off!" That's what I hear from my little one.  The skin is the crust of the bread. It actually is also the casing of a hot dog or the cover of a book.  NO SKIN! I've always been told that the nutrients are in the skin, but of course I take off the skin.  She needs to eat! If there is any truth to the "you're kids will give you double the trouble you gave your parents", then it's showing itself with my kid's eating habits. I like most kids didn't want to eat veggies (or soup, or beans or oatmeal), but I loved meat and potatoes.  My kids are SO difficult!  They are both thin and dinner time is a real challenge.  In order to have inner peace and to be sure they grow I've had to become a sneaky mom.  Although I do take off the skin of the bread, I put it back in the sandwich.  You can't tell when there's peanut butter and jelly or melted cheese.  We make soup about every other week and puree it.  Little do my little ones know that they are eating ALL kinds of veggies.  I'm actually going to start using some of the soup broth to boil chicken in and use as the liquid when making rice.  I'm no doctor (obviously), but I've had to get creative with this liquid gold containing so many vitamins.  If any of you have any tricks to share...please do!

PS I've tried the cover in cheese thing...she just dips her finger in the cheese and pushes the broc and other veggies aside. 

: ) Jenn

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