Friday, February 3, 2012

My Friend's Friday - Old friend/New Drink...

So, while in college did you wonder what everyone would become? I didn't! I mean I realized everyone was there with the intent to graduate and move on, but I really didn't wonder what we'd all be in the years to come.  Well, I have to say, everyone has done really well.  And I'm VERY grateful and fortunate to have spent amazing times with them then and now I get to enjoy the amazing things they're putting out there.  Since I have so many talented friends I thought I would share at least once a month about them and their businesses. So, first up...Chad and his wife the lovely Melissa!

Drink Cocoa

If you know me, you know I LOVE chocolate.  All kinds and all ways! Just give me some chocolate! But isn't there something about a cold day and a cup of rich cocoa or just wanting to start the day of with something rich and sweet.  Yummy!  Well, if you're looking for delicious cocoa, visit (Drink Cocoa Facebook Page).  There are over 25 flavors! 25!!!  Let me know which flavor you try!


PS Please send me any businesses you think we should know about. There's nothing better than a referral you can trust. : )

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