Friday, March 30, 2012

The EASIEST craft and my daughter loves it!

So my little girl (Ella) and I have our "craft time".  We string beads on ribbon, or paint, or do the foam sticker art, etc.  The other day she was playing with Dora dance stickers and so I said lets "let's go make her dance"... I asked Ella to pick out her favorite and put it on card stock.  There's more than one of each design so we put the another of the same on card stock.  I cut them out and hot glued both onto a popsicle stick back to back.  Here's what it looks like...

Then I put the stick between my hands and rubbed back and forth (as though I was warming up my hands on a cold day) and it looked like she was spinning.  It was the easiest thing we've done and she love'd it.



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